I have not yet died of the Covid

We’re still here.

Shit’s crazy now, and it’s not every going to be the same. Bad things are going to happen, and at the same time, there’s going to be opportunities to make things better. That’s how global-class events work. It doesn’t make it fun or easy though.

Life in Tokyo has been fairly steady. Everyone is adjusting and cooperating, and we’re all managing as well as we can.

🗓️ Here’s what’s up right now:

  • 🎧 Listening to: Color Wheel by Aqueous has been in heavy rotation the past couple of weeks. It’s got a great mix of interesting arrangements, great musicianship, and actual listenable songs. Also, this.

  • 📖 Reading: Right now, I’m between sets of novels, so I’ve been rereading a couple dozen business books to various degrees of completeness. Not really going through any of them linearly, rather sampling chapters and dipping into sections that are useful.

  • 💭 Thinking about: Is there anything it’s responsible to be thinking about besides what’s going on in the world right now? Most of my actual thoughts boil down ways to make sure my family and friends are safe and keep GMB running and helpful to as many people as possible.  

  • 📰 Changes: GMB’s killing off another old program to make way for something new.

  • 🆕 Output: We also made a guide to making the most of isolation and lockdown. There’s lots of resources, tips, and exercises to try at home while under coronavirus lockdown

Andy is socially distancing

This seems like an appropriate image since we’re all social distancing now… Taken at the Tottori sand dune.

🧰 Things I’m finding useful:

  • 🦠 Japan Coronavirus Tracker – Incidentally made by my friend Shane. Japan has been taking hygiene and distancing seriously for weeks now, and as a result, things are relatively contained.

✈️ Travel

  • 🛩️ We took a short trip to Tottori. But we were very responsible about it and took all the precautions, I promise.

  • 🤷‍♂️ Hard to say what travel plans might pan our or not right now, but I hope to make a trip to ATL soon.

🙆‍♂️ You OK?

If there’s anything you need or anything you’re worried about, please let me know. This shit is unprecedented, and we all have to work together to get through it in one piece.

Please take care of yourself.